Sunday, February 27, 2000

My First Skydive

My first skydive took place in Gonzales, Louisiana, United States of America at the Ascension Skydiving Center/Jerry Bryant's Aero Resources, LLC during the Casa Tailgate Boogie on 2000-02-27 (yyyy-mm-dd). My brother John Chiasson, the jump master, and I performed a tandem dive while Russel Louk and Steve O Utter filmed the dive. Steve is the cameraman for the viewpoint in the video below. An unedited version is also available.

  • This video was taken on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, a religious holiday; one can see ashes on a woman's forehead in the plane.

  • My girlfriend-at-the-time was pretty worried about my safety.

  • Looking at the clouds from above was alarming.

  • I heard my brother say, "head back," the first time, but was too awed by the sky to comply with his command right away.

  • Steve Utter held on to my brother and I via the tandem rig straps as we exited the plane. I didn't realize this at the time, but Steve was also signaling for me to shake his hand.

  • After our exit flips, John and I executed left and right yaws.

  • Steve Utter is an excellent free flier. He spent a good portion of the jump falling upside down (backside to the ground) while keeping John and I in the camera. Steve was easily able to sneak up on Russel and touch his leg grip without disturbing either of their trajectories.

  • I had loose change, which I forgot to remove before the skydive, in my pocket. After I landed and realized what happened, it was still all there.