Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I went to Fuse-In on Sunday afternoon

I went to Fuse-In on Sunday afternoon. I caught Ben Sims, Water Lilly and Misstress Barbara. Water Lilly and Misstress Barbara both played some songs that were awesome. I found a few of them on Barbara's website in the downloads section.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

I played DDR last night. I am worse than I was last weekend

I played DDR last night. I am worse than I was last weekend. I lost some of my pattern recognition abilities. Some differences between last weekend and this one are as follows:

I ate a lot of watermelon. I took turns with a lot of people; last weekend I played almost continuously.

Aaron showed me Neurotically Yours, DucktaleZ, and College University from Newgrounds. I showed him my Melbourne Shuffler, Liquid Pop Collective Eric, and Billy Corgan - Walking Shade videos. We also listened to some Billy Corgan mp3s from his upcoming album, TheFutureEmbrace.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

xxxxxxxx: anyways... blogs rarely entertain me

(23:02:19) xxxxxxxx: anyways... blogs rarely entertain me.
(23:02:32) Chris: really?
(23:02:38) Chris: i find them fascinating
(23:02:39) xxxxxxxx: particularly if i've never had anything to do with someone.
(23:02:45) xxxxxxxx: fascinating?
(23:02:45) Chris: because you get to see what ppl think
(23:03:18) xxxxxxxx: Oh, yes... listening to someone gripe that it takes 15 minutes to blow dry his hair is top-notch entertainment.
(23:04:28) xxxxxxxx: perhaps you haven't had too much experience hearing someone converse/bitch about person(s) you've never met/heard of before in your life...
(23:04:32) xxxxxxxx: but that's all gay men do
(23:04:47) Chris: omg
(23:04:47) xxxxxxxx: it drives me bonkers.
(23:04:52) Chris: that was quality
(23:04:59) Chris: may I quote you on that?
(23:05:06) xxxxxxxx: if you want to.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

The j tan() news page currently features my MediaWiki install directions